Burim Hashani Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Central and Eastern Europe

Burim Hashani

Deputy Executive Director for Programs a MCA-Kosovo

Mr. Burim Hashani is the Deputy Executive Director for Programs at MCA-Kosovo, in charge of implementing the USD236 million MCC Compact Program. He holds a MSc in Energy and Environment from Lancaster, and has been actively involved in key positions within the energy sector since 2008, particularly during highly transitional and reformative periods.

Recently, he has managed a $12 million District Heating Metering project in Prishtina while also serving as an Energy Consultant for the World Bank to assist the Kosovo Government and KEEF in designing, establishing, and implementing energy efficiency programs for the residential and business sectors.

Previously, he served as the Director of the MCC’s $35 million Energy Program, which encompassed four diverse projects: Household Energy Efficiency, DHM, Renewable Energy IPP Finance Facility, and Women in Energy, where he managed procurements and contracts for over 140 works and consultancy companies, collaborating closely with numerous stakeholders, including municipalities, Termokos, ERO, KOSTT, KEDS, KEK, KEEF, KCGF, banks, the Ministry of Economy, and the private sector. Earlier in career, Burim was a technical/business advisor and project manager for the unbundling and privatization of KEDS, where he excelled in coordinating relations between the government, KEK, ERO, the Transmission System/Market Operator, and the private sector while overseeing transformative infrastructure investments of approximately €300 million.

Furthermore, he was part of working groups focused on updating energy laws and designing electricity market model, and for Kosova e Re Transaction and he headed Technical & Financial Bid Evaluation Commissions for PTK Privatization and KEDS privatization.

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