Gašper Rugelj Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Central and Eastern Europe

Gašper Rugelj

Head of Ultra-Short Optimization and Algorithmic Trading GEN-I

Gašper Rugelj is head of Ultra-Short Optimization and Algorithmic Trading department at GEN-I, based in Ljubljana Slovenia. GEN-I is leading energy trading company in South Eastern Europe, with presence in more than 20 countries in Europe.

He studied Physics at University of Ljubljana before joining GEN-I as a natural gas analyst in 2016. In the same year, he took a portfolio management position, co-managing GEN-I’s B2B and B2C purchasing portfolios for its B2B and B2C clients. He later established Global Energy Market Analytics Department, which evolved to include algorithmic trading on European energy markets. In 2024 he took over newly-formed Ultra-Short Optimization department, shifting his focus to short term markets and optimizing GEN-I’s growing portfolio of flexible assets.


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