Maksym Yurkov Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Central and Eastern Europe

Maksym Yurkov

Legal Director NPC Ukrenergo

Maksym Yurkov – Legal Director at NPC Ukrenergo. Leads the Company’s legal department since 2017.

He has in-depth knowledge and experience in corporate, economic, land, civil and criminal law equipping him to successfully provide legal support in various areas of Ukrenergo’s activities, effectively defend positions and protect the Company’s rights in courts of various instances. He also manages the areas of land and property relations and the development of corporate social responsibility at the Company.

In addition, Maksym Yurkov has extensive experience in communicating with governmental agencies and international institutions, enabling him to successfully navigate complex regulatory environments and protect the Company’s interests at various levels.

Maksym also has more than 15 years of successful experience in leading Ukrainian companies, law firms and legal associations.

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