Rafael Burgos Speaker at Energy Storage Summit Central and Eastern Europe

Rafael Burgos

Regional Deputy Director of ESS Sungrow Europe

With a proven track record of exemplary leadership and resounding success in the renewable energy industry, Rafael has firmly established himself as a prominent and influential figure in the field. Currently holding the esteemed position of Head of ESS Sales at Sungrow, he is responsible for overseeing Sungrow’s operations in the BENELUX, Central, Eastern, Northern EU & Turkey territories. Throughout his extensive career in the renewable energy sector spanning both the EU and Americas, Rafael has adeptly fulfilled numerous roles encompassing business development, construction, operations and maintenance (O&M), asset management, as well as department creation and management. With unwavering dedication, Rafael passionately advocates for renewable energy and firmly believes in its pivotal role as a fundamental pillar for the energy transition required to combat climate change. His unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions to the industry have garnered recognition through numerous prestigious speaking engagements and certifications, firmly cementing his reputation as a distinguished and highly respected professional in the renewable energy sector.

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